…As an old Oracle DBA I think that sqlsplus is much better than sqlcmd…

…It’s several orders of magnitude better than sqlcmd and osql (but I’m sure you know that). Hell, for batch work I think it’s better than Oracle’s SQL*Plus. DEPS and GREP would definitely be welcomed additions to either tool (Microsoft’s sqlcmd, osql and Oracle’s SQL*Plus).

…I found SQLS*Plus very useful when I was working with it. The ability to run scripts simple and easily from the command line or batch file is very useful.

…Yes, the sqlsplus is great for what I need to do.  I needed a quick way to check if the permissions I set on the SQL user logons are working as intended.  And, I will definitely pass the word along about your product.  It’s simple and straight forward to use. Thanks again.  Great work and product!  We need more Pros like you around.

…I do like the product! It has some cool features that I wish SQL*Plus also had!!


>>Do you see something that would make SQLS*Plus better for you?


I hate to say “nothing” but to tell you the truth, it’s always worked perfectly for the times I’ve needed it. I’ve used it in a few scheduled tasks for instance…that sort of thing. No big deal works perfectly!


…Yes, I like it very much. There were two features what I used quite frequently/ One of them was the using of substitution variable in selects (which is a big lack in sqlcmd) and the other one was the DESCRIBE command with html output. It was very useful when I had to compare the structures of some db objects after a migration in a quick and spectacular way.

Sqlsplus would deserve more attention and I’d like to acquire it for my company… I will try to get obtained some new software, among others the excellent sqlsplus.


Again, thanks for your e-mail and I wish you the best: